State-of-the-art Computerized System
State-of-the-art Computerized System
Sales Force Automation

e-Heart SFA selling advantages

  1. Salesman has his call plan on PDA unit, that could be adjust at anytime
  2. e-Heart SFA System will automatically track the Coverage made by salesman via GPS
  3. All salesman Productivity such as :
    • calls
    • strike
    • sales achievement
    • payment
    • Marketing promo
    • product focus
    • etc
    will be tracked as well as lead time taken between calls
  4. Salesman is provided to check his customers historical sales data by principals by product
  5. Customer reason for not order will be captured as well
  6. Salesman will automatically get his order confirmation by system within 3 minutes both if his order will be smoothly delivered
    or if any out of stock, over due payment or any other issue that block his order